Amoena pocketed bras combine fashion, great fit and supreme comfort. Feel feminine and confident. 

Lara Moulded Bra

AUD  $69.95


Mona Bra

AUD  $79.95


At Anari we love them because they make you feel feminine and confident and give you great support. 

Amoena’s pocketed bras restore your natural shape and hold your breast form securely, helping you feel good about the way you look. They combine all the style and luxury you would expect from beautiful lingerie with smart design features to bring you day-long comfort.

Feminine, fashionable and easy to wear, Amoena’s bras are specially designed to combine comfort and good looks with the security you need following breast surgery. 

Shoulder straps
The comfortable, adjustable straps support your breast form without putting any strain on your shoulders. Some Amoena styles have wider, padded straps for additional comfort and support - if you're not sure what's right for you call in to our store and we will help you find the perfect fit. 

All the bras in our range have discreet, multi-option pockets. These will hold your breast form securely in place - so it won't slip out or show over the top of the cup. This gives you the peace of mind you need to wear the clothes you want to.  Amoena bras are ideal whether you need a bilateral, left, right or non-pocketed bra.

Cups and Underband
The cups of Amoena bras are cut to follow the shape of a breast form closely to ensure a perfect fit. Elastic edges give extra security, and a wider under band gives you support and stability, to ensure your breast form stays securely in place.

Variable fastening
The bras have 1-4 hooks, depending on the size and help ensure you have just the right amount of support.

Gentle underwiring
There is no reason why you shouldn’t wear an underwired bra after surgery. Amoea's flex-comfort underwires are specially designed to follow the curve of your breast form, providing gentle support without putting pressure on your breast form or scar area. A wire even gives additional stability and reduces the strain on your shoulders.

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